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Benefits of joining the Tonto Basin Chamber

It helps you make business contacts

When you decide to join a local chamber, you automatically open up yourself — and your business — to a network of potential partnerships. Business contacts from your local chamber could become the supportive community you turn to one day for assistance or vice versa. In addition, your new business contacts may be the people who serve as your sounding board for new ideas, come up with solutions to internal business problems, and even partner with you on a new endeavor.

It increases your credibility

Belonging to a chamber gives your business a leg up compared to those who are not members. A company with this level of credibility becomes desirable to consumers, increasing the likeliness they’ll seek out your goods or services in the future. Compare belonging to a chamber as you would having a college degree when applying for a job; it tells your future employer — or consumer — you know what you are doing.*

What's New!
  • Completely upgraded website with access to all areas such as:

    •  Membership Directory

    • Community Blogs - Great for your business exposure

    • Community Photo & Video galleries

    • Community Group pages & Classifieds

  • Full Featured website Business Directory - Member customizable through a back office including these great features:
    • Business tagline

    • Logo

    • Business profile & Hours

    • Social Media Links

    • Location Map

    • Recommendations

    • Photo & Video Galleries

    • Other links

  • Chamber vinyl decal for your front door showing your membership & support

  • 20% discount on Chamber building rental and website advertising

  • EXCLUSIVE Member to Members discount access

  • Access to post events on our Chamber calendar of events

  • Facebook posts about your business on our Chamber facebook page

  • Rotating "Feature Chamber Member" for 2 full weeks on our front page with a link to a full feature expose' on your business.

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